Making Wall-Worthy Memories

Tips to Prepare for Your Session

I Was Framed
Kids are spontaneous and constantly on the move! I like to work with that natural energy, rather than shooting an entire session of staged portraits. In order to capture your little ones at their best, I recommend:
  • Scheduling the session after naps/meals at a time you know your kiddo is generally happy
  • Do a bathroom trip right before the session
  • If your kid has a favorite toy, lovie, blanket let them bring it! It will help put them at ease and help me capture the essence of their current age
  • Snacks and small treats are fine, but please avoid ‘bribing’ your child to cooperate with the camera – in my experience it can make them less patient and more frustrated with the photographer!
  • Speaking of snacks, please make sure any snacks are easy to eat and not messy or staining… unless you like that blue ring-around-the-mouth, red stain on the shirt look
  • Wipes to clean up any messes
  • Simple clothes tend to photograph best and highlight your child rather than drawing the attention to the outfit
  • If you choose an outdoor setting, bring water, sunscreen, bug repellent, anything that will help keep your family comfortable and happy
Babies  require a few extra considerations. For newborns, I recommend having the session in a location with easy indoor access, even if you want most of the shots outside.
  • Blankets, special objects
  • Pacifier
  • Extra wipes, diapers
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 I love including furry family members in family sessions, or even scheduling their own special photo session. For family sessions, please let me know if you would like your pet(s) to participate.
  • I recommend having plenty of water on hand as well as favorite treats, toys, or pet beds
  • For long-haired fur babies, bring a brush to help fluff them mid-session
  • Although I try to shoot in natural light and with as little equipment as possible, I’m still a new person with weird unfamiliar objects trying to get your pet’s attention – allow a bit of time for us to get to know each other and for your pet to relax and warm up to the situation.



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Whew! You got everyone else looking their best and ready for some photo-filled fun, but don’t forget about yourself!

  • I recommend wearing clothes that aren’t too “busy” and ones without giant logos
  • It can be nice to have a bit of a color theme among family members to help with photographic harmony (black and white, blues, etc…).  Just make sure you don’t prints/colors that clash with the other family members/friends
  • If it’s hot and you sweat, keep that in mind when selecting your outfit – some colors and fabrics show sweat more than others.
  • Bring chapstick or lipgloss, and keep those lips looking their best
  • Bring a hairbrush, particularly if the session is outside